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Gift Wrapped Goodies


Cookies and Specialty Desserts

Pricing subject to change.

Container selection varies. Please call for more information.

Cookie Bouquet

12 cookies


Cookie Bouquet

9 cookies


Cookie Bouquet

6 cookies


Cookie Tray

12 cookies


Cookie Tray

18 cookies


Cookie Tray

24 cookies



Cookie 6 Pack 


Individually Wrapped


additional $.50

Dessert Tray

5-layer brownies

$15 (1 dozen)

Dessert Tray

6 cake pops


Cookie Cake



Pumpkin Roll



Design it your way!


 Choose any of our decorative containers,

mugs, and boxes to make our

signature cookie bouquet,

or gift wrapped dessert!


   Add colorful cellophane wrap and a beautiful bow to to make the perfect gift!

Please call Goodies Cookies for further information.

Prices and items are subject to change

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