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What fondant is and how it is used!

  “What is fondant?” is a question frequently asked by our clients. Of course, everyone that enjoys cake is familiar with a traditional buttercream icing. How can anything compare to the rich buttery taste of a delicious homestyle buttercream? Have no fear! You're about to learn about the glories of fondant!



   "I don't like fondant!" We have heard from clients that they are not too keen on the idea of fondant. This can't be! So, when a client tells us they don't like fondant, we always dig deeper to find out why.  Usually it's a case of a bad fondant experience (i.e. cake covered in thick, poorly applied, icky tasting fondant). You may have had or heard of this experience with fondant from a novice artist or amature home-baker, but before you swear off ever trying fondant again we hope you will put ours to the test!​ Goodies uses only professional, premium grade fondant that is vanilla flavored which smoothly melts in your mouth. We also take the time to make sure our fondant is rolled very thin before being applied to cakes because no one likes thick fondant! Ew! So please don't be scared of fondant anymore... Yum!



   "What's it made of?" For those of you concerned about fondant’s actual ingredients, it is comprised predominately of confectioners sugar, light corn syrup, and water melted over heat, cooled and kneaded to attain a precise dough-like consistency. It also doesn’t hurt that fondant has a distinct marshmallow flavor that many guests will enjoy and probably rave over, because for many it may be the first time they have had the opportunity to sample a cake decorated in fondant. Children love it too because of it’s candy-like taste. 



  "Why use fondant?" The best thing about fondant is that it provides a greater range for decoration. With fondant it is possible to attain a more refined and precise creation. It's decorative limits are bound only by the skill level of the cake artist. It can be painted upon with food coloring, dyed beautiful colors, cut into shapes, braided, or made to look like ruffles. Along with these more creative aspects, fondant can simply be rolled out and pressed over a cake to make the cake look perfectly smooth.



 "But I LOVE Buttercream!" Still to some, fondant lacks the rich buttery taste many cake critics relish. But fear not buttercream lovers, you can have it all and eat it too! Our thinly rolled out fondant is applied as a decorative covering over our buttercream frosted cakes. Therefore, our cakes are frosted with a rich buttercream layer before fondant is applied, making it so that you never lost your precious buttercream to begin with. You can enjoy your delectable celebratory splurge two ways and marvel at its intricate design long with your guests.



"Why so expensive?"  Pricing for specialty fondant cakes varies. The price range for a custom fondant cake correlates mainly to the amount of decoration a specific cake design has and the amount of time that it requires a cake artist to bring said creation to life. Please note that we do not use the term "artist" lightly as we do view each of our cakes as a work of art! You are paying for the skill, creativity, and time of your artist as well as the supplies needed to make your parties centerpiece something to talk about for years to come. Overall, the vast majority of our clients prefer to order fondant decorated cakes as opposed to simple buttercream frosted cakes because of their unique design and stylish appeal.


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