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   We, Natalie Fronczek and Sandy Gaalswyk, launched Goodies Cookies in 2004. With great success, our humble cookie store soon outgrew our previous location landing us in a larger building. With the help of our dedicated team of bakers, decorators, and customer service staff, Goodies now offers a variety of freshly baked desserts including cookies, pastries, cupcakes, wedding cakes, and specialty cakes. If you are looking to order something special, our customer service staff is ready to help you choose that unique gift or party centerpiece you are looking for!

   Goodies isn't your typical bakery. If you're the type who wants fresh, home-made goodness, we make that happen everyday here at Goodies along with some unique options which you won't find at your superstore bakery. We are famous for our delicious oversized cookies, cookie bouquets & gifts, and amazing specialty cakes! Cookie bouquets, gift wrapped desserts, and cookie trays are only a few of the gifts from which you can choose to order from Goodies for a loved one, coworker, a special someone, client, or even for

yourself! No judgement here! 

  We believe the most special part of Goodies is our team of wonderful staff both in the kitchen and behind the counter. The team we have assembled works countless hours each week to orchestrate the “dance” that happens here each and every day. Literally, on most days there is dancing and usually singing as well! We love to interact with our regular customers as well as the treat of introducing a first-time visitor to our bakery. If you have ordered a custom cake from us, the chances are good that we will remember it! We often recall much about the creation of a cake, even down to the experience of delivering and setting up at weddings as well! Our staff takes such pride and joy in what they do each day! Add in our fantastic customers and it is truly a great place to be!

   Our dedication to producing one-of-a-kind cakes, cookies, and desserts has resulted in a thriving business and has established Goodies Cookies and Cakes as the most popular dessert shop in Tulare County. We would not have been able to accomplish everything without our amazing and talented team.

   Come visit us in the Mary's Vineyard Shopping Center and treat yourself to the best cookies and cakes in town!


Natalie & Sandy


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